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Hey there! So glad you landed on my page and that I get to share a little piece of myself with you. 

I've always loved the saying (and you've probably heard it before) that "change is the only constant in life". Every choice we make and person we meet has the ability to move mountains. Among all the ways that it effects me, I'm proud to say that it effects my work the most. There is always something about a new project that ignites a fresh perspective.

But, I guess some things don't change because i've been a Canon girl since day one, thanks to my Mom who wanted me to grow up a photographer, just like her. I'm completely self-taught, so my professional experience begins 6 years ago with actor head shots, productions, weddings, children, you name it. But, my acting and theater background makes me yearn for the performance world where I do my part in helping actors create a great first impression.

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