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"THIS is who you need to take your head shots with. As an actress her self Felicia was able to help me feel completely comfortable from start to finish. Felicia asked and cared about how I market myself as an actor. She then formulated an artistic idea of how she was going to support and shoot me in my exact desired way. Realizing I wasn't sure what to do, Felicia patiently taught me how to stand, pose, and what to do with my face. Also. AFFORDABLE! Felicia is the bees knees."

- Joel Duke, Actor in NYC, NY

"I wanted to say thank you x1000. You captured exactly what I was going for and for you to be able to do that as a photographer is truly an amazing characteristic. I'm extremely happy with how they came out."

- Michal Dudek, Actor in NYC, NY

"Thank you sooo much I had too much fun and I love my pictures!"

- Monse Maldonado, Actor in NYC, NY

"Hey talented lady! My coach couldn't speak higher about your photos. Says you are able to get honest shots. Great compliment and I couldn't agree more. It's very interesting to see yourself emoting through pictures."

- Joel Duke, Actor in NYC, NY

"Thank you so much for all the photos, they all look brilliant!"

- Jessica Rozo, Actor in NYC, NY

"Thank you so much for the amazing shoot! It was a lot of fun and all the pictures turned out great!"

- Jordan Konick, Actor in NYC, NY


"Oh my gosh!!! Those pictures are amazing!!! Thank you so much!! (Especially love the cat and chickens!) The lighting makes everything look great - and your photography is exquisite! Wow!!"
- Francie Cho, Ivy Garden Estate, NJ

"HOLY BRONIE!!!! These pictures are f***ing fabulous!!!!!"
- Jackie Hansen, Choreographer for Blogologues in NYC, NY

"Thank you so much for being THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST. From the amazing photos, to treating our guests like kings and queens, to being so helpful with cleaning up until the bitter end, to the quick turnaround with the photos. THANK YOU. You are a magical unicorn that we are lucky to have and we appreciate you SO MUCH!"

- Casey Malone, Production Manager with Blogologues in NYC, NY

"Felicia is not only incredibly talented, she's an absolute pleasure to work with! We've had the opportunity to work with her several times, including her taking behind-the-scenes photos during our film production and event photos for one of our screenings. On every occasion she manages to blend in with the crowd and get a great array of both color and black & white shots - candids, individual, group, atmospheric - that really relays the story and feel of each event. She has an excellent work ethic and makes sure that she's getting exactly what the client wants/needs. Not only that, she has them edited and ready for access (both internet and high quality) very soon after the event! We've already recommended her to several friends, and she is our go to for all future events. Couldn't recommend her more!"

- Kate OIivia, Producer at Covert Bacon in NYC, NY

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